Fire Proof Doors & Cabinets

How Can Fire Doors Help to Restrict the Spreading of Fire?

When it comes to passive fire protection and fire proofing in general, many business owners overlook the potential of their doors as a form of protection. If fire isn’t able to spread beyond a particular area it will become possible to both contain and treat the problem, so the reality is that a good fire door can make a lot of difference.

Although these types of doors are often constructed using the highest quality carbon steels that have been tempered to the most proficient levels, there are other ways to help to contain and even subdue a fire if it is able to occur. Within this piece, we will be taking a look at some of the most effective anti-fire door accessories that can be put to good use within offices and homes – all of which specialise in restricting the spreading of a fire.

T-Bar Meeting Stiles

These devices can be fitted onto doors, regardless of whether they are made from wood, metal, or plastic. They might not be able to eliminate a fire if it has the opportunity to occur – but they can certainly help to minimise airflow. They are especially useful within rooms that have limited oxygen flow; especially as fire will rely on this gas to spread. As the stiles meet and hold tight, they can eliminate the flow of air when connected and therefore stop external airflow from being able to aid in the spreading of a fire.

Fire Door Damper Kits

These kits are ideal when installed onto a range of doors and they can even be placed around the frames of windows as well. Dampers work by A) being fire resistant to a very high grade and B) helping to restrict airflow which, as with the stiles mentioned above, can help to reduce the potential for fire to spread. When paired with a fire resistant door, the ability to minimise the effect of fire can be very prominent and some offices can go even further by installing fire resistant walls and ceilings, too.


Door Vision Panel Kits


These kits can be fitted to most doors (depending on their compatibility) and offer an ideal way for an observer to monitor the effect of a fire within a particular room or hallway. The door will need to be fireproof to ensure the best results and the vision panel can then be inserted into it, or purchased ready-built into a fire resistant door. The glass will have been tempered to enable it to avoid shattering when exposed to excessive heat and these kits can be especially beneficial if someone needs to be able to observe a fire without risking getting too close.